Annual Meeting 2012

IVTS 2012

The Programme can be downloaded HERE

IVTS 2012 was held Tue 20 -Wed 21 November 2012 at University of London Senate House.

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Cardiac Toxicity
Christine Mummery (Leiden University): Derivatives of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells : the new patient
Mike Cross (CDSS, Liverpool): The role of the endothelium in cardiovascular toxicity
James Sidaway (AstraZeneca, UK): Development of a high content stem cell cardiomyocyte screen for detecting drug-induced cardiotoxicity
Gary Mirams (University of Oxford): Evaluation of Computational Modelling as a Pre-clinical Pro-arrhythmic Safety Assay

Reproductive Toxicity
Aldert Piersma (RIVM): Reproductive Toxicology: of Mice and Man and Molecules
Anita Naidoo (GSK, UK): Development of a two chamber in vitro model of the blood testis barrier using ‘adult’ rat Sertoli cells: Pharmaceutical applications.
Philippe Durand (Kallistem): Assessment of toxicity on spermatogenesis in vitro
Sander van den Driesche (University of Edinburgh): Effects of phthalate exposure on fetal testis development and function: a comparison of in vivo and in vitro models

Renal Toxicity
Jamie Davies (University of Edinburgh): Engineering kidney tissue in vitro
Colin Brown (University of Newcastle): Development of predictive in vitro cross species proximal tubule models as platforms for ADME and Drug Safety Studies
Daniela Riccardi (University of Cardiff): Human primary kidney cells as a model for physiology and toxicology studies
Moin Saleem (University of Bristol): title to be confirmed

Epigenetics in Toxicity
Lorraine Young (University of Nottingham): The Challenges of Epigenetics for Toxicology
Nessa Carey (Pfizer) : Epigenetics – the toxicological sleeper agent?

Free Communications
Obinna Ubah (University of Aberdeen): Novel Mitochondrial targeted flavonoid-based inhibitors of cell growth; enhancing selectivity, delivery and cytotoxicity for cancer cells
Lucinda Cowling (University of York): Epigenetic dysregulation in cadmium toxicity and carcinogenesis
Gary Hutchison (Edinburgh Napier Iniversity): Nanoparticles- a potential danger to male reproductive health?  Development of an in vitro Sertoli cell model
Robin Williams (Royal Holloway, University of London): Investigating a new, fast and efficient model for medium throughput drug screening