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The title of the body shall be the “In Vitro Toxicology Society”, hereafter in this document referred to as the Society.


In vitro toxicology is herein defined as any investigation related to studying toxicity in humans and surrogate species (those not protected by the UK Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986, e.g. invertebrates, mammals, birds and reptiles up to half way through gestation or incubation, etc) using in vitro, ex vivo, computational or molecular methods.


  • To encourage non-animal testing approaches and to promote the reduction, refinement and replacement (3Rs) of animal testing in toxicology;
  • To provide a discussion and networking forum for academic, industry and regulatory scientists through focused scientific meetings and workshops;
  • To promote high quality scientific research through peer review, discussion and publication;
  • To encourage the participation and development of early career scientists to ensure continued future progress.


Membership is open to those involved in the practice, study or management of toxicology or with a scientific interest in the subject.

Management of the Society

The Society shall be managed by Committee, which shall be guided by the wishes of the members as expressed at the annual general meeting (AGM).

The Committee

The Committee should consist of at least 7 and no more than 12 persons.  Individuals shall serve in the offices of Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership Secretary. The remaining Committee members will serve as ordinary members with roles including: Website Manager, Communication Coordinator, Meetings Coordinator, Affiliations Liaison and Early Career Investigator Liaison.  The roles of Committee members may be subject to change throughout their term depending on the needs of the Society.

Each Committee member shall be elected for a term of 3 years after which the position will be advertised if appropriate.  A list of retiring Committee members and a request for nominations will be circulated to the membership approximately two months prior to the AGM as required.  Nominations shall be made to the Secretary in writing ideally one month prior to the AGM.  Each nominee must signify his/her willing to stand for election and the nomination must be supported by the signature of one current Society member. All retiring members are eligible to stand for re-election at the AGM.

Election will be by simple majority vote of those Society members present at the AGM.  If an election is not required (where the number of candidates does not exceed the number of vacancies) the Committee may accept the nominees without vote.  In the absence of sufficient nominees the Committee may invite a Society member or members to serve on the Committee.  Selection of Committee members to serve as officers shall be the first item of business of a new Committee and will be by simple majority vote of the Committee members.

Guidance for Committee Members

The IVTS is a non-profit making organisation and relies on the voluntary commitment of its Committee members.

Committee members will be expected to have communicated and agreed their responsibilities and commitments to the Society with their host organisation.  Committee members will be expected to pay their annual membership subscription. Committee members are encouraged to provide their full support to IVTS meetings through attendance and contribution to the organisation.  Where possible, Committee members will be encouraged to seek financial support from their host organisation to attend Society meetings. Although the Society appreciates this may not always be possible, the Society may reimburse Committee members reasonable expenses for attendance to meetings when possible.

Committee members will be expected to maintain full engagement with IVTS activities through regular teleconferences and via attendance to an annual face-to-face Committee meeting. Notice of absences must be provided to the Secretary or Chair prior to the meetings.  In the event a Committee member has prolonged absences impacting negatively on Society business, the Chair may ask the member to re-consider their position to enable the smooth running of the Society.

Any Committee members wishing to step down can do so after providing at least one months’ notice to the Secretary or Chair.  Departing Committee members will be expected to allow sufficient time for the handover of responsibilities, documents and property belonging to the IVTS.


The Chair, Treasurer and Membership Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining the finances of the Society.  The Treasurer will issue a statement of finances at each AGM and submit accounts for each scientific meeting to be recorded in the minutes of the first Committee meeting occurring thereafter.

The Society shall administer an annual membership fee to contribute to the running costs of the Society.  The value of the fee shall be indicated at the time of acceptance of the application and shall not change for the membership without prior notification by the Committee and approval at the AGM.

The Society is a non-profit making organisation.  Monies accrued from meeting levies and membership fees will be directed to all reasonable costs of advancing the Society objectives (invited speaker expenses, administration costs, publicity, etc).  Any surplus monies at the end of the year will be carried over to the following year.

Admission of Members

Application for membership of the Society shall be made to the Membership Secretary for consideration at the next Committee meeting.  The Committee’s decision on application acceptance shall be final and there shall be no right of appeal.  Continued membership is dependent on receipt of an annual subscription.
Members deemed by the Committee to have brought the name of the Society into disrepute can have their membership cancelled by a majority vote of the Committee.  There shall be no right of appeal.

Honorary life membership may be awarded by a majority vote of the Committee in recognition of exceptional services to the Society.

The Society and its members are committed to the 3Rs and take every opportunity to reduce and refine the use of animals, and to replace the need for animals altogether whenever this is possible.  However, the Society supports the continued ethical use of laboratory animals when there is a clear and important need, and when the benefits of their use cannot be realised in any other way.  Please see the Society’s policy on the use of animals for more information.  Acceptance of this policy is a condition of membership of the Society.


The Society will normally hold one or more scientific meetings a year.  Meetings will be organised under the supervision of the Committee, but may involve other members of the Society.
Meeting participants will be charged for meetings at a cost plus a modest levy to contribute to the running costs of the meeting.  Student rates of attendance may be applied if appropriate.
Where considered appropriate by the Committee, the scientific meeting proceedings will be published in summarised form in a newsletter or recognised scientific journal.

Links with other organisations

The Society may form links with other organisations sharing similar objectives in order to further the objectives of the Society.  Informal links shall require approval by the Committee.  Affiliations shall require approval by the membership, and a copy of the terms of affiliation appended to the constitution.  For full details of our current affiliations and terms please refer to our webs

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