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IVTS 2017 – please click here for further details.


IVTS 2016

The 2016 IVTS Annual Meeting was held in Radisson BLU, Glasgow (G2 8DL) on 14-15 November.

The IVTS Committee is grateful to sponsors of the meeting:

IVTS 2015

The 2015 IVTS Annual Meeting was held in Jury’s Inn, Birmingham (B1 2HQ) on 10-11 November.

The IVTS Committee is grateful to sponsors of the meeting:

IVTS Session at BTS

The IVTS have organised a session entitled In Vitro Models and Tools for Renal Toxicology for the British Toxicology Society’s upcoming annual congress.  Download the meeting flyer here or see further details at the BTS website here.


IVTS 2014

The last IVTS Meeting was IVTS 2014 (10-11 November 2014), which took place at AstraZeneca, Alderley Park, Cheshire.  The main session topics for this meeting were Cardiotoxicity, Discovery Biology, Skin Sensitisation and use of Human Tissues.  For further information please see the dedicated meeting page.

The IVTS are grateful to the sponsors of this meeting: Cambridge Biosciences, CellSystems, Charles River, Eurofins|Cerep-Panlabs, InSCREENeX, InSphero, Kirkstall Ltd, Lonza Cologne GmbH, Pathway Diagnostics, PRIMACYT Cell Culture Technology GmbH, Seahorse Bioscience and Stemgent-Asterand.

Details of previous IVTS Meetings:
IVTS2013, IVTS2012, IVTS2011

The IVTS and The Cell Control in a Petri Dish (CCPD) Collaborative Network presened a meeting entitled “In vitro assay development and its application in toxicity testing” on the 19th of April 2013.  Further details about this meeting can be found here.

The IVTS are organised a symposium entitled ‘Surrogate species: the gap between in vitro models and regulatory toxicology species‘ at the 2013 BTS Annual Congress, Solihull, April 2013.  A summary of this meeting will be published in the next IVTS newsletter.

For further details please visit our main MEETINGS page.

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