Annual Meeting 2014

IVTS 2014 

The 2014 IVTS meeting took place 10-11 November 2014 and was held at AstraZeneca, Alderley Park, Macclesfield, Cheshire SK10 4TG.  The programme is shown below.


Day 1 – 10 November 2014

09:15 Registration
09:45 Welcome and Introduction: (IVTS Chair)


10:00 Overview of in vitro approaches to cardiovascular toxicity. Chris Pollard, AstraZeneca
10.30 Developing human stem cells for biomedical application. Chris Denning, University of Nottingham
11.00 Tea/ coffee
11.30 Cardiotoxicity of cancer therapeutics: How we can address this issue and still maintain anticancer efficacy? Thomas Force, Vanderbilt University, USA
12.00 In silico modelling and cardiotoxicity. Blanca Rodriguez, University of Oxford
12:30 Simultaneous and Multi-Parameter Functional Analysis of Cardiomyocyte Electrophysiology, Contractility and Viability. Exhibitor workshop, Cambridge Bioscience
12.45 Lunch and poster viewing

Use of human tissues

14:15 3D neural tissues derived from human embryonic stem cells and IPSCs as in vitromodels for developmental neurotoxicity studies. Luc Stoppini, HESGE
14.45 In vitro modelling of airway toxicity. Emmanuel Minet, British American Tobacco
15.15 Tea/ coffee
15.45 Human fresh gastrointestinal tissues and the prediction of drug safety. David Bunton, Biopta
16.15 In vitro bladder toxicology: barriers and metabolism. Simon Baker, University of York
16.45 Using human embryonic stem cell derived cardiomyocyte assays to predict cardiotoxicity. Exhibitor workshop, Eurofins | Cerep-Panlabs
17.00 Poster session and Drinks reception

Specialist Evening Workshop

18:00 Application of mathematical modelling to 3D tissues
20:00 Close of specialist workshop

Day 2 – 11 November 2014

08.30 Registration

Skin Sensitisation

09:00 Cosmetics Europe`s strategy for skin sensitization safety assessment without animal testing. Erwin van Vliet, Cosmetics Europe
09.30 Applying the skin sensitisation AOP to human health risk assessment. Nichola Gellatly, Unilever
10.00 Alternatives for skin sensitization testing in integrated testing strategies. Emiel Rorije, Rijksinstituut voor Volksgezondheid en Milieu, The Netherlands
10.30  Tea/ Coffee, including a minutes silence to mark Rememberance Day
11.05 SENS-IS®, a 3D reconstituted epidermis based model for quantifying chemical sensitization potency: results of an inter-laboratories study. Hervé Groux, Immunosearch
11.35 B-ALI™ Bronchial Air-Liquid Interface Media, a valid 3D in vitromodel for respiratory research. Exhibitor workshop, Lonza
11.50 Short break

Free Communications Workshop

12.00 The B-13/H cell is an animal-donor free model for genotoxicity screening. Philip Probert, Newcastle University
12.15 A simple solution for ion-channel related cardiac toxicity. Hitesh Mistry, University of Manchester
12.30 A biomarker panel reveals multiple nephrotoxic mechanisms in primary human cells. Sarah Yates, Helier Scientific
12.45 Organotypic 3D microtissues for toxicological profiling. Exhibitor workshop, InSphero
13.00 Lunch, poster viewing and IVTS AGM

Discovery Biology (in vitro to in vivo translation)

14.15 Evolution of Discovery Safety: Application of in vitro pharmacological profiling to aid early identification of safety-related risks. Lyn Rosenbrier-Ribeiro, Astrazeneca
15.00 Predicting in vivo developmental toxicity based on an integrated in vitro-in silicoapproach. Jochem Louisse, Wageningen University, The Netherlands
15.30 Early career presentation prize award
15.35 Tea/coffee
15.55 Can we perform in vitro to in vivo extrapolation with Genetic Toxicology data? Ann Doherty, AstraZeneca
16.25 In vitro to in vivotranslation of renal injury biomarkers. Paul Jennings, Innsbruck Medical University, Austria
16.55 Closing remarks – (IVTS Chair)


  The IVTS are grateful to the sponsors of this year’s meeting: Cambridge Biosciences, CellSystems, Charles River, Eurofins|Cerep-Panlabs, InSCREENeX, InSphero, Kirkstall Ltd, Lonza Cologne GmbH, Pathway Diagnostics, PRIMACYT Cell Culture Technology GmbH, Seahorse Bioscience and Stemgent-Asterand.