Senior Researchers/ PhD Students @ NC3Rs

National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Research (the NC3Rs) is now inviting applications from talented senior researchers to join the NC3Rs Grant, PhD Studentship and Training Fellowship Assessment Panels from January 2019.
Our Funding Panels are responsible for assessing the scientific excellence and 3Rs impact of diverse, innovative applications for research and career development funding. Further information regarding the expertise and level of experience required, as well as an application form, can be found on the NC3Rs website. Please note the application deadline of 4pm, 14 November 2018.

Relevant disciplines and techniques are:
– Cardiology
– Cell and molecular biology
– Computational modelling
– Drug discovery/ metabolism
– Experimental design and statistical analysis
– Genome editing
– Infection and immunobiology
– In vitro models including bioengineering and complex 3D cell culture
– Invertebrate models particularly Drosophila, C. Elegans, G. Mellonella, zebrafish embryos/ larvae
– Stem cell biology
– Oncology
– Cellular and molecular neuroscience

Programme Manager – In Vitro Reporting Guidelines @ NC3Rs

We are extending our experimental design programme to develop new guidelines for improved reporting of in vitroresearch. To lead on this work and coordinate the development and dissemination of the guidelines, we are recruiting a new Programme Manager. The role will include gathering an evidence base to support the reporting guidelines, working with various stakeholders to ensure implementation in practice, and organising events to promote uptake of the guidelines. Closing date is Monday 15 October. Click here to learn more and apply for this role.


Science Manager – Toxicology @ NC3R

This role will support our programme of work in toxicology and regulatory sciences. The postholder will have a number of responsibilities, including supporting the operation of our expert working groups, symposia and workshops, as well as working with the communications team to disseminate information about our research and resources. Closing date is Tuesday 16 October. Click here to learn more and apply for this role.


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